FALL SEASON: Season starts in late August


The Fall AAU season starts in late August and runs through the end of October. The season will consist of 1-2 practices per week for the first two weeks and than 1 practice a week after that. Games are played on weekends and are compromised of 3-4 game tournaments. Each team will participate in 2-3 tournaments in the Fall Season and we will have multiple teams starting in the 2nd grade. If your daughter is interested in playing basketball, AAU is a great experience. It allows you to play a good amount of games in a short amount of time, while practicing on a regular basis during the season. It is a great way to get alot of basketball in without a huge time commitment.

SPRING SEASON: Season starts in March

(3rd-12th GRADE)

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade (multiple teams)

6th Grade (multiple teams)

7th Grade (multiple teams)

8th Grade (multiple teams)

The Spring AAU season begins in March and runs through May. It is just like the Fall AAU season but a month longer. Teams will play in 3-5 tournaments compared to the 2-3 offered in the Spring.